Topic: How do you extend the life of Pads

I have sent my Fox 240 back for it's first annual checkup.  It already has some tiny leaks in the boot joint (I think).
Are there ways of taking care of the pads so they stay pliable and soft so that there are fewer leaks between checkup's?
I know that I must carefully swab out the instrument and I blow out the open tone holes. What else can I do?


Don Gerue

Re: How do you extend the life of Pads

Hi Don,

At least living in California you shouldn't have to worry about the wide swings in humidity we have to cope with here in southern Maryland. Its like a steam room here in summer and since we live in an old house with hot water radiators for heat, it gets as dry as the dessert in winter. My bassoons have shrunk to the extent that I've added case humidifiers to restore moisture. The humidity variations can play havoc with pad seatings and drive you nuts.

Gene Carter, Owner
Linden Reeds