Topic: Exploding thread

Hi everyone,

I've had this happen to me once, and I've got another spool of thread that is trying to do the same.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening? Or something to do after it happens?

Ronnal Ford
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Re: Exploding thread

I think we need more detailed information on this.  How big was the explosion?  Was anyone hurt?  How many reeds were lost in the mayhem?

Seriously though, I have had spools blow up in my hands, too.  Not, however, since I started using the FF nylon sold by RDG Woodwinds (not a solicitation).  It is sold on a double-ended white plastic spool (165 yds.), with a simple black-and-white label which states "Made in USA."  The spool seems more than sturdy enough to withstand my death-grip-pull-til-it-almost-pops technique.  I've gone through at least a half dozen spools with no casualties (so far).

Good luck, and don't forget to wear your flack jacket -- just in case!



Jonathan Marzluf
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Re: Exploding thread

I don't grip the spool of thread as I tie reeds, so I don't have this problem.  Take a old glove, and cut all the fingers off.  Put all the fingers onto your index finger in your tying hand, and wrap the thread around your covered finger.  Use this to tie reeds and in my experience, they will never unravel, they will always be tight, and the spool won't 'explode'!

Good Luck!