Topic: Tip machines

I am new in making reeds. I want to buy reed tip profiling machine.
I have question. I know there is a difference between American and European oboe reed scraping style. (I know KGE has different machines for US and Euro). Is there a difference between American and European bassoon reed scraping style? What about tip profiling machines? I know reedsstuff, rieger and miller sell only 1 type. Is it good for both styles? Or there is no difference in style?
Sorry for my English.
Just it will be big buy and I want to know more.
Thank you.


Re: Tip machines

There are quite a few different styles, but I don't know that I've ever really understood there to be an "American" scrape and a "German" scrape or anything like that. There are "styles" you sometimes see references to, but those are much more broad and vague and have a lot to do with overall thickness, shape, etc. At least, this is my understanding.

The tip machine that I use (the one Miller sells) has interchangeable templates, and I picked one of two that I liked more. The other was too heavy in the sides and left the reeds too hard even if I set it so the tip was very thin. I have no experience with the Reeds n Stuff machine, but the Rieger always left me rather unsatisfied. It comes a little closer to a finished reed, but not close enough for me to want to invest in it. Just my personal opinion.

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