Topic: How to make the blade exactly overlap?

Hi, all specialists !!

If the  two blades of a reed dosen't overlap, it is due to the which  step? folding or shaping?

What's more, what is the best way to fold cane and exactly put cane in the middle of the shaper. (I use the Folding Shaper Tips & Handles)


Re: How to make the blade exactly overlap?

To fold the cane right in the center, make sure you have a good center score from your profiler, or get an easel that has a center guide you can make your own by hand. I do the latter as I don't profile my own cane.

Several things can cause the blades to overlap. How do you form your tube round?

If you do the style of forming that comes by putting the first wire on first, then forming the tube, you could be seeing the problem because the first wire is too tight and the blades slip inside or side by side each other as you insert the mandrel. Try forming without the first wire if this describes you. I bet you won't need it if you score properly.

If you do a Herzberg style forming technique, where you form prior to beveling, then let the reed dry, bevel with sand paper and then put the wires on, you can bevel the entire blade length just enough to remove the edge from the cane. That helps prevent it from slipping. I detail this process on my blog here:
See the posts on "Reed making, how I do it".

You can also see blade slippage as the reed ages due to the contracting and expanding nature of the cane. Eventually it'll be loose in the wire and be free to shift.

If you ream after cutting the tip that can torque the reed enough to cause slipping in the direction you twist the reamer. Always ream enough before you clip the tip so you don't have to do it later. A related way that might cause slipping is if you always twist the reed the same direction when putting the reed on, and taking the reed off, your bocal or mandrel. The repeated twisting can also torque the blades over time.

I'm sure there are other potential causes that I'm missing.

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Re: How to make the blade exactly overlap?

Keep in mind that there are some advantages to purposely slipping the blades as it will darken the sound.

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