Topic: English horn reed staples

I'm going to be playing some English horn (something I normally leave to the experts) next weekend and thought I would maybe try to make some reeds to have in addition to the ones I'm getting from a commercial supplier. I'll probably be using a Lickman bocal, and was wondering what opinions you guys might have about reed tubes.. which ones you prefer. Is the fit to the bocal an issue? If so, would anyone happen to have an opinion on which staples might fit a Lickman bocal best?

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Re: English horn reed staples

Hi David,

Even if the staple fits the bocal well, sometimes staples can come off the bocal easily at the most crucial time (like when you try to get the moisture out of the reed and the reed comes off the bocal in your mouth 2 beats before your entrance.... not good!).  May I suggest you get a short length of aquarium tubing (take your staple to the store to find the right fit) and cut a short piece off to fit over the end of the staple and extend it a few centimeters so that when the staple goes on the bocal, the aquarium tubing will grip the bocal and stay put.  Hope this will help you avoid an embarrassing missed entrance.  Enjoy playing the EH.  You'll probably find it will help your oboe playing some.

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