Topic: Bringing out overtones

Hi everyone.  I'm the proud owner of a new (3-year-old) oboe and while I love its extremely dark sound (it's the darkest sound I've ever heard come out of an oboe), I'm wondering what can be done with my scrape to perhaps bring out more overtones overall.  The reeds I have made were all well suited to a 16-year-old AK Royal, and this is a Yamaha 831 with a narrower bore modeled after the Marigaux 901 which I am assuming is what adds to the darkness of its sound.  As I begin making reeds specific to the Yamaha, are there certain things I can do to infuse more overtones into the sound and brighten things up a bit?  Or do I need to leave the scrape alone and instead experiment with different staples and perhaps a different tip?  Currently I am using Pisoni and Rigotti staples with silver tubes and have an RDG -1 shaper tip.  Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated! 


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