Topic: help with publication search

I am once again befuddled by the IDRS web site.
I was able to gain access with my password  (I consider that a great victory in itself!!)
but I went to the "search" page for the various publications.   There was recently an interview with
Eugene Izotov in one of the issues of The Double Reed.  Since the article was about Eugene Izotov I put "Eugene & Izotov" in the search box and it came back as "no record found".  I also tried "Eugene" and "Izotov" luck.
Can someone please tell me how to access that article??

Thank you
Stuart Horn


Re: help with publication search

Go to IDRS WWW home page and input "Izotov" in the search field. Verify that "Search IDRS site" is selected. No login required...

Yoshi Ishikawa
Professor of Bassoon, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music
Editor, IDRS OnLine Publications