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Moritz system bassoon (4/10/2003)
On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 03:18 PM, wrote:  > Can anyone give me information on the characteristics of a Moritz > system > bassoon? Specifically, a Heckel ordered by him to his specifications?

By Norman Herzberg | Interview
Fred Moritz told me that with the exception of one tone hole, he did not agree with Heckel"s tone hole measurements. As I recall it, the Moritz tone holes were smaller. Groffy told me that he did not like to change his tooling to make a Moritz system bassoon. Groffy charged $200 extra to do it (in the 50's and 60's.) I tried a Moritz system that belonged to UCLA but I did not know about Moritz tuning. It was impossible to play middle A (the tuning A) without holding down the A speaker key through the note. I found the instrument quite stuffy. Yet Moritz played it very well. I played 2nd bassoon to Moritz in the Bruno Walter recordings with the Columbia symphony. The occasion when I brought two new Heckel bassoons to Moritz so that he could measure the current Heckel tone holes was the time when Moritz berated me for not using the speaker keys. He was right. I never heard him mention the length of the wing joint.

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