Topic: Throat/Collar Length

My studio recently purchased a new profiler that makes the reed collar/throat an extra 1/16" long. I am used to making/playing on reeds with a collar/throat of 1 1/8". What are some of the anticipations or expectations I should have with this extra length behind the blade?


Re: Throat/Collar Length

Generally, you can adjust the amount of cane that is profiled on a piece of cane so that the collar placement is variable. If you don't want to change the profiler set-up, or it can't be changed, then you can take an Xacto knife and trim the extra 1/16' off the collar either before or after you form the reed. If you leave an extra 1/16" on the collar then the reed will be generally more resistant and you would probably have to thin the blades. Why not just reset the length of the cut of the profler blade?

Dale Clark