Topic: Help with shawm?

Hello, I'm an oboist who has recently begun to learn soprano shawm. Most of it is going pretty well (or as well as learning any new double-reed can go) but I am having problems reaching and covering the low c hole. My hands are quite small, and I'm beginning to worry that maybe it's just not possible. sad Can some shawm-experts give me some advice as to thumb placement, angle of hand to instrument, and such things that might help?

And if it really is impossible for such small hands (I can reach an octave on piano, but only just), would I be able to get some sort of pinky-extender or a soprano shawm with a low c key, or even switch to sopranino? I don't want to hurt my hands, but I am really liking shawm and don't want to give it up.

Thank you!


Re: Help with shawm?

Thank you for your advice. I'm currently playing a shawm pitched in D (sorry I called it the c hole--oboe fingerings bleeding over). I think I"m going to look into trying to find a D shawm with a great key added or finding someone who could do that for me. Thanks again!