Topic: Revolutionary Fingering Chart

I have a concern that some folk may have visited the "Fingerings" post as described below but not seen the charts - the images are on a remote server and take time to load into the message pane - if you have been confused by this situation please revisit the posts and wait a good 30 seconds or so (it even took a surprising amount of time on my Mac G5).

I have had very little feedback on this resource - it would be nice to hear from anyone who has tried it on a pupil (esp a beginner). note: it is not the fingerings that matter - more the coding and subsequent learning and processing - so you may freely vary fingerings by adapting the chart as needed. Again feedback is valuable.

Original posting:
Just a teaser to invite bassoonists to discuss the pros & cons of a new coding system for bassoon fingerings. Find it on "Beginner Bassoon Methods" in the Teaching Forum or have  look in "Fingerings"

Neville Forsythe
Christchurch New Zealand
Bassoonist / Teacher / Conductor