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I've had a bassoon case cover made, and when I got it I thought that it had the rucksack straps attached
the wrong way round. Let me explain. The rucksack straps are not symmetric. When I carry my case rucksack-style,
the standard carrying handle is on my left hand side. I think this is inconvenient. I usually take down my case
over the right shoulder, it is much easier to reach the standard carrying handle when it is on the right (while
carrying the bassoon rucksack style).

So now  I'm wondering: how's your case cover made? Handle on the right or on the left when carried rucksack style
(some gigbags/cases are symmetric, I know)?

Another aspect is that I feel that it is better for the boot-cap end of the boot to point down when carrying the bassoon rucksack style,
and for the fragile ivory ring (already cracked) to point up.

Yours sincerely


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Re: Nerdy question bassoon case cover rucksack style

I think all of mine have been on my left as I wear the case as a backpack (rucksack).

My (unconscious) procedure for putting my case on as a backpack:
Grab handle with right hand, looking at the side of the case that will be against my back. Grab right shoulder strap. Swing that over my right shoulder, then put my left arm in.
To take it off, reverse the procedure. This leaves my left hand holding the strap that was over my right shoulder, and my right hand is then free to grab the handle.

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Re: Nerdy question bassoon case cover rucksack style

Many thanks! On which side is the handle on the Altieri gigbag?
Yours Bernhard

Re: Nerdy question bassoon case cover rucksack style

I don't know about the gig bag, but the backpack case cover has it on the left.

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Re: Nerdy question bassoon case cover rucksack style

Thank you! Yours Bernhard