Topic: Old Reedcases

I recently sent two old Harrison Bassoon Reedcases to Roger Garrett for refurbishing.  I particularly like the Brass Mandrels of the Harrison Reedcases, and haven't found any I like as well.  Of course, the hinges and clasps on the Harrison Reedcases were not adequate for the job..way too flimsy.  Also the wood itself had cracked several times and I was tired of regluing regularly.  Today I received the newly refurbished reedcases from Roger.  He made entire new boxes out of some nice cherry (my choice hardwood), installed his own hinges...much sturdier and more suited to the job, and installed magnetic clasps which work great and are hidden so not likely to snag on anything.  Roger also cleaned up the entire Mandrel assembly and reinstalled with rivets, like on the original. 

I am blown away by Roger's woodworking skills.  He did a great job of finishing these reedcases, and while not cheap at all, I have 2 essentially brand new reedcases, a 6 Reed and a 12 Reed, for about the original price that I paid 25 years ago.

I strongly recommend that if you have some old Harrison Reedcases that need rebuilding, you should contact Roger Garrett at
Roger is in Bloomington, Illinois

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