Topic: English Horn reeds

I would like to know how to soften an English Horn reed?  Do you do the same as an oboe reed and scrape the tip at the sides and the very end?  I am playing on a reed that I made and it is hard but has a decent dark tone.  I bite down on the reed as I play and would like to know what/how to scrape it to soften and relieve my embouchure from biting and squashing down on the reed.


Re: English Horn reeds

If you bite down on the reed I would think that is more to do with the openness of the aperture rather than the thickness of the reed. To close the reed I would put a paper clip across it about half way down and leave it overnight.

If the sound is as I want it, I leave the tip but scrape the sides going up towards the tip. I also apply wet-and-dry sandpaper very gently all over to free it up, making sure there isn't too big a bump directly behind the tip.

I play on a short English scrape but I think this should work the same on any scrape. If it doesn't then please accept my apologies!

Feel I should put a disclaimer on now.....

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