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I am about to run out of cane (yea!).  I teach 50 students and don't do much playing for myself, so I am less than picky about cane type.  My only real requirements of my reeds are that they play in tune, with easy response, and a good tone.  My profiler is set up so that 9 times out of 10 I barely have to do anything to get a working reed, and every now and then I'll tip profile and lose the 1st finger E's.  My students range in age from 5th grade-12th grade (beginner to very advanced).  I'm thinking that since my profiler is set so thin (I have a Reeds N Stuff), I probably would like a harder-ish kind of cane.  I have worked through my stash of Rigotti, Vandoren, Gonzalez, Miller Select Reserve, and Chinese cane.  In all honesty, the only cane I've kept separate is the Chinese because I know it's very very soft and I probably won't get any playable reeds out of it (either that or they'll all be perfect beginner reeds that we just don't care about sound on).  The rest have been processed together, which may explain why some drop E's easily and some don't (not every one that I tip profile does). 

I would love any recommendations that I can get on what kind of cane to buy.  The Rigotti that I got was from WWBW, as was the Vandoren.  The Rigotti (when I was keeping track) was not very consistent (but hey...I paid $13/lb for it, so I really am not complaining).  I don't remember making any reeds on the Vandoren and knowing it was Vandoren...same with Gonzalez (that I got on eBay).  There were 2 types of cane from Miller.  One was more flexible and one was more strong.  When I was selling cane to my friends, they preferred the stronger stuff, whereas I preferred the other kind.  But again, now, with this current setup, I don't know which would work better.

I'm more than willing to try whatever, and will make a point this time to keep track (sometimes it's tough since I have some hired high school help who get either lessons or cold hard cash to process cane for me). 

(and just for all intents and purposes, I have a RnS pre-gouger, RDG gouger (I gouge to 52 of whatever my micrometer is...I don't use the micrometer past the gouging process, but I'm thinking it's in hundredths of an inch), a Herzberg shaper, and a RnS profiler.  I trim the tube to 2-5/16", my 1st wire goes on 1-5/16" from the fold, my 3rd wire 5mm from butt and 2nd is 17mm from butt.  I hot glue because my turban skills are highly lacking.)

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Hello uhbassoon09,

i think a good website for you to start from would be:

They offer bassoon tube cane from various producers, two of them are self grown.

You are right the chinese cane is quite soft, if you like hard cane try Vic or Rouché


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gouged at .055 - .058 ,
gouged on a R.D.G. gouging machine ,
the gouge is concentric rather than elliptical.
This means that the sides are as thick as the center;
whereas in an elliptical gouge the sides are thinner than the center.

Always available in cane sources:Donati, Pisoni, Gonzalez,Rigotti, Bonazza and Ghys for $ 30.00 per ten pieces.
Vigder Reed Gouging service:

I will be happy to gouge your tube cane that you mail me at ANY time ,any Tube cane grower ,with my R.D.G. gouging machine for only $ 2.55 per piece---the minimum order is 6 tubes,and the maximum amount of tubes PER order is 12.(Cane is split into four pieces a tube)

Usually,The turnaround time for this service is   one week    .

Please mail me your tubes with a DEPOSIT check for $ 77.00 for the 6 tube minimum ,which includes the shipping charge.

WHEN your order is finished, I will call you and e-mail you if you prefer,and  let you know the remainder - amount to either send me a check or paypal me the total.

IF any cane is found with worms, which is the most common fault, I will return them to you with your order and NOT charge you for the labor, which is what my service simply is!

Scott Vigder---20430 MALDEN street--Winnetka California 91306-1347
tel/fax: 747-224-0442