Topic: Marcus Bonna case damaging instrument?

I really would like to have a MB case for my Moosmann 200AP for the size convenience and lighter weight. However, after borrowing my colleague's case for a few days, I noticed that because of the manner in which the pieces fit into the case, a pretty sizable chunk of metal had been gouged out of the whisper key post, from being pressed directly against the hand rest assembly on the boot. Luckily the post hadn't been bent, but I imagine it could happen pretty easily if the case were bumped, dropped, or jostled.

Has this happened to anyone else? This is a pretty old case, so I wonder if the dimensions have changed in the last 5-10 years that would prevent the problem from happening? I don't want to order a case if I won't be able to use it without risking permanent damage to my instrument.


Re: Marcus Bonna case damaging instrument?

I carried my Moosmann 222 (bought in 2005) in a Marcus Bonna case (bought in 2003) for 6 years with no problems. There was always enough clearance between the joints that I never felt a risk of the instrument pieces knocking against each other.

Of course, you should always have a cloth of some kind wrapping the wing joint in any case where the wing and bass joints rest next to each other in the manner of the MB case. My MB case had a shammy like piece of cloth that wove around the wing joint.

Puchner now sends their new instruments in MB cases and there seems to be plenty of clearance between the wing and boot joint in there.

All the instruments I'm talking about how crutch brackets installed.

Not sure what is going on in your situation. Could you take a picture to show how close the joints are?

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Re: Marcus Bonna case damaging instrument?

Sure, I'll do that when I get home. Also, there was a chamois-like fabric between the joints, and and the damage happened through fabric (which was also damaged). I'm wondering if it's just this case; I can't imagine that they'd be so popular if this were a common problem.

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