Topic: EH Reeds -- straight, housetop, or curve?

Hi everyone,
I have read several tidbits lately in my own collections of notes and paperwork over the years, as well as some different "passing posts" about some big name players/legends using straight tips on EH reeds...meaning no housetop or curve, but rather straight across at the point between the tip and heart.

I'm interested in knowing what reed styles most of you use and if there is a benefit to doing this on EH reeds (straight across) as oposed to what we normally see on American scrape reeds..which would be the housetop.

I also know there are many that use the "half moon" approach as well. Any thoughts on the benefits and problems created with the various tips of EH reeds?


Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)