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Hi!  One of my students recently won the concerto competition for her youth orchestra, playing Phillips' Concert Piece.  The conductor called me yesterday saying they're having trouble locating the music.  Lucks' only copy is already rented out, and Carl Fisher is requiring that they join ASCAP ($300, plus all that goes into being a member), on top of the $250 rental fee.  The orchestra just doesn't have that kind of money.  I asked Trevor, who said that it was once published, and it might be beneficial to find out if anybody here owns the orchestra parts (or knows somebody that does) who would be willing to rent the parts to the orchestra.  The concert is May 20.  Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.



Re: Burrill Phillips Concert Piece

I wonder if they might have it at Eastman as they have his scores and sketches......from Wikipedia...

Just an idea.....

" His scores and sketches are housed in the Burrill Phillips archive, Special Collections, Sibley Library, Eastman School of Music, in Rochester, NY."

I did send out an email to some bassoonists, and I will let you know if I hear anything.

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