Topic: "secret" iteration technique

i figured out a great simple technique with a grobet file # 31.498 which is a 10 cm equalling needle file -cut 0.

it is very small---about 3 mm in width, and i use it for  fine finishing.

what i do with it at the very end of the blade finishing BEFORE testing the reed for the first time in an effort to thin the tip WITHOUT any knife work is this:

5 filings( iterations) from the tip back 3 mm( using the file ITSELF  as where you would "double back " it from the center to the side. Both sides.

then, 4 filings (iterations ) from the center to the side.

then, 3 filings (iterations ) from the center to the side.

Starting from a larger number of filings to a smaller number of filings is the secret to getting a very thin tip without using a knife or a tip finishing machine.

I hope this usage of the word iteration makes sense to you, Gerald Corey used it to mean repetitions, and I like using his term.