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Hello All,

I just stumbled across a video demonstration of this tool for single reeds:

Can anybody think of uses for this with bassoon reeds OR reasons that it would be a waste/non functional?

If it keeps its edge, I could see it potentially being useful forrrr

-beveling (pre or postform)
-some scraping (tip, blending, maybe a little bit at the collar, channels)
-helping taper the rails

Thoughts?  I can't decide if it is worth the money to experiment with it.

Adam Romey

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Adam Romey

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Re: 'Reedgeek' Tool

My opinion?  Anyone who advertises something with black ink on a charcoal background doesn't deserve to get any sales.


Re: 'Reedgeek' Tool

Adam (and others),

One of my students met with the company earlier this summer in California.  What you mentioned above is exactly what they spoke with her about.  She brought one of the tools back and we tried it out.  It works great!  I would certainly recommend it.

Scott Pool

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