Topic: shortening staples

Hello all,

I am contemplating playing around with the length of my staples by shortening my staples from 47mm to 46.5mm.  I am aware that David Weber has a tool that shortens staples, but I am curious to know if there is any other way to do it.  I mainly use Loree Gold-plated staples, if that makes a difference.



Re: shortening staples

I have used David's tool for this, with great success.  However, you can do it relatively easily by following this simple process:

1. Determine how much staple you want to remove.
2. Cut through and remove the cork at the desired point, using a razor blade.
3. Grind away the exposed metal, using a diamond stone or sand paper held to a flat surface.
4. A small round file or rolled-up sand paper can be used to clean up the metal filings from the inside bottom of the staple.

Good luck!

Jonathan Marzluf
Owner, Marzluf Reeds
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