Topic: Researching conference recital programs


I'm a doctoral candidate at Florida State University.  I'm finishing a treatise on Simon Sargon's oboe music.  I've interviewed Mr. Sargon and oboist Erin Hannigan, who premiered 3 of his 4 oboe works, and they are uncertain of the performance dates.  The works I'm referring to are: "Homage to Hafiz", "Haas" Trio for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano, and "Sonic Portals" Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano.  They probably took place between the 2004-2007 conventions.  I believe the online archives of the convention programs stop at 2003.  Is there anyway to get access to the programs from 2004-2007 conventions?



Re: Researching conference recital programs

I would contact the IDRS archivist Michael Burns, at mjburns at