Topic: Gouging (and profiling?) services needed; bassoon

Hello everyone,

I know many on this list have their own reed businesses and services, so I thought I would offer up a job I need completed. 

I have a  large amount (maybe 100 pieces) of bassoon cane I have split, but I just can't find the time to gouge it all.  Feel free to contact me with your fee for bulk gouging.  If the fee is reasonable and I can afford it, I may be able to have the cane profiled in the order as well. 

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Scott Pool

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Re: Gouging (and profiling?) services needed; bassoon

Hi!   This is a reply for my husband, Craig Vandewater, who has been processing cane and making reeds for over 30 years.  He charges $2/piece for gouging cane, and $2.50/piece for gouging and profiling. He uses a Hertzberg profiler; please check out his website at for his contact info and more about his services.

Darlene Vandewater