Topic: 2013 Conference -- Did you play any noteworthy Oboes?

Hi everyone,
I wasn't able to attend the conference this year. So, in place of that I always post after and see if anyone (and everyone) tested/played/bought/found any amazing new oboes this year?

Last year the big "find" seemed to be the Bulgheroni Opera and MUSA models.

What were the amazing instruments this year?

Did anyone play any of the Buffet Orfeo's? Marigaux horns? (have heard GREAT things about the Marigaux horns and their personality and flexibility lately!)

How about some great used horns?

Elaborate please...since I couldn't be there the best alternative is to hear great finds and descriptions!

Ready, Set...Go!


Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)


Re: 2013 Conference -- Did you play any noteworthy Oboes?

Well, I tried the Mönnig bass oboe. Personally a little too tame for my tastes (and I'm not one that prefers a hecklephone to bass oboe, necessarily). The maple does make it light and the designed-in floor peg is nice. Not sure the non-traditional bell was all that helpful. Admittedly I was in a little hurry and my reed was on the dry side, so I wouldn't want to make too much of the tone color, but it really seemed rather quiet and light. The low "A" is nice, but the key is on the right thumb, which makes sense unless you are used to playing a Lorée low-A oboe, plus it wasn't really close enough to the thumb rest to be easy to get to (even though you don't really have to hold the instrument by the thumb rest due to the floor peg).-kby


Re: 2013 Conference -- Did you play any noteworthy Oboes?

I know an English horn player in a major US orchestra who played on a Bulgheroni EH several months ago for the first time...but not at the IDRS convention.  He loved the instrument.

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