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I have developed a new website that has many materials that will be helpful for double reed teachers. The site offers free music, sound files, double reed ringtones, and the most comprehensive index of double reed information  available on the web.

Several colleagues have agreed to provide materials to the site in the future, so it will be growing.


Terry Ewell
Professor Bassoon, Towson University
Former President, IDRS
Former Principal Bassoon Hong Kong Philharmonic, Wheeling Symphony


Re: Website

What we really need is an email list again. This forum stuff is lame. I checked the forum after like two months, and there are hardly any message here. The email list used to have a TON of messages that were very interesting.


Re: Website

It does appear to have been very quiet for most of November December and January - however this is a holiday time in both northern and southern hemispheres and a seasonally busy time for many players as I understand.

As this is the first year of the Forum and the first Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year, it will be interesting to see if activity revs up as we re-enter the academic year.

I certainy have been disappointed to have had almost no feedback on my suggested revision of the fingering notation for bassoon which was posted in November.

On the other hand I do see that over 400 views of the posts re Beginner Bassoon Methods have occurred since November when the topic began.

Keep watching this space.

Cheers Neville

Neville Forsythe
Christchurch New Zealand
Bassoonist / Teacher / Conductor