Topic: Co-Commissioners Needed for newwork J.Steinmetz for 2 bsns (w/contra)

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Margaret Phillips
Dear Friends-

We would like to let you know of a new commissioning project with composer/ bassoonist John Steinmetz, a duet for Bassoon and Bassoon/Contrabassoon. We invite you to become co-commissioners of this new piece.

The new work will be about 12 minutes long. Some of the music will be for two bassoons and some for bassoon and contra. It will have multiple movements so that the doubling player can switch instruments between movements. (There will be no switches within a movement.) The writing for contrabassoon will highlight its lyricism.

John’s thoughts on this piece: "This combination provides a lot of opportunities for beauty and for pleasure. I want to make a piece that is enjoyable for players and listeners, and, I hope, to surprise audiences with the expressiveness of our instruments."

The fee to join this project is $200 per single commissioner or duo. All co-commissioners will be listed in the music. They will receive a special "Commissioners' Edition" of the parts/score, and will have exclusive rights to perform the piece for one year, before the piece becomes available to anybody else.

The premiere will take place at the 2014 IDRS convention and be performed by Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon and Margaret Phillips, bassoon and contrabassoon, with a preview performed at the New Hampshire Music Festival where Margaret and Nic have performed together for years. After the premiere, John will make any needed revisions before sending the music to all co-commissioners.

If you'd like to participate, or have questions or comments, please email us at or You won't have to send money until we have enough participants to make this happen. Our deadline is approaching; if we are able to go forward, we will ask you to send money, and John will get started on the piece.

For more information on John Steinmetz and his music, please visit his website:

We hope you join us!

Margaret Phillips, Boston Conservatory of Music, Berklee College of Music

Nicolasa Kuster, University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music — with John Steinmetz and Margaret Phillips.

John Steinmetz: bassoonist, composer, writer, satirist, speaker

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