Topic: Standard bassoon reed and contra bassoon reed gouge standard.

With the minimal research I've done on this subject I can find no consensus on what is a standard size.  In my mind 1 inch cane, gouge is standard.  For contra 31mm cane.  I personally use 1 1/8th inch cane for contra. I also use a .9 inch gouge for a concentric gouge on a special profiler with a .9 inch barrel.  There seems to be a pleathora of different sizes in metric.  I'm currently finishing a profiler gouger set started in the 60's by a student of machining of Jim Butterfield.  They are based on 1.150 inches diameter and 5 inch cane.  At least the bed of the gouger and the barrel of the profiler measure this diameter.  The cutter window is 1 inch wide and I either have to make a blade or buy one.  The cutting angle is 45°.  I have no idea why this size was used on this set as Jim is passed.  I'll probably never know. But I did add a bearing and a race for the gouger.  All I need is a blade that will cut a 1.150" gouge.

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