Topic: Left hand ring

I have a student who is having a problem with the ring around the left hand "ring finger" hole.  When she plays C# the key comes up underneath her finger, but when she goes to D the ring is still slightly raised-- making the pitch of the D one half-step too high. 

I'm assuming that this is a tension issue, but I wondered if anyone had a thought on why this might occur in the first place.  Would it be humidity related?

Peter Kolkay

Re: Left hand ring

Hi Peter,

Check to make sure there is play between the thumb High C and C# keys and the touches underneath.  This is the most common cause of this problem.  You can slightly bend to Keys away from the two C#/D# trill touches under these keys if there is no play.  You may have to add a sliver of cork under the connection between these keys and the pad if you don't want to bend the keys.  If the keys are binding get a dampit in the case and hope the woods swells enough to free up the key!