Topic: Searching 1st edition Strauss Oboe concerto B&H.

Dear friends!

Today I  need ask to forum if anyone know and have the first edition of Strauss Oboe concerto (1947) that contain the short end after number 57. Its was a Boosey&Hawkes edition. After 1948 they incorporate the "new end"  and all of us knows this version but the original version  for Oboe  And Piano has the short end.

  If you have , please can you contact me?.

Thanks in avanced.


Re: Searching 1st edition Strauss Oboe concerto B&H.

Hello Dwight!

Thanks for your reply. In my yesterday email I maked  a mistake asking for 1947 Oboe concerto edition. I asked for the first edition  maked in 1946 by B&H for Oboe and Piano.

In this edition is the "short end " and other differences with the second edition with reference  Hawkes & Son, 1947. Plate B & H 16157.

My interest its get a copy of 1946 version Oboe and Piano reduction.

Of course I know and have the 1947 edition in my own library.

Thanks newly.