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“The First Six Bassoon Solos for bassoon and piano” includes easy music for new bassoonists. The solo parts have a range limited to one octave from low F (F2) to open F (F3). The piano parts are easy, too. Rhythms used are whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. Most of the music is smooth. One piece requires staccato quarter notes; another requires tied half notes.

“Five More First Solos for bassoon and piano” contains slightly more difficult music and is a sequel to "The First Six Bassoon Solos" [1218A]. The range is from low F (F2) to fifth-line A natural (A3). The piano parts are easy. Meters used are 2/4, ¾, cut time and 6/8. In addition to whole notes, half notes and quarter notes, eighths, sixteenths and dotted rhythms are used.

“Tango for bassoon and piano” is very short (2’15). It is in F minor with a middle section in C major. The range is limited: from second space C (C3) to E-flat above middle C (E-flat 4). The piano part is not difficult. The 4/4 meter is mostly divided into eighth notes in 3 + 3 + 2 patterns.

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Re: New, Easy Music for Bassoon

Wonderful! Thank you for adding these to the repertoire. I was recently just thinking about appropriate pieces for, say, a 5th grade bassoonist.

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