Topic: OboeStuff, LLC---?

In early Dec., I tried to order a Studio 88 wood stand shelf from OboeStuff.  I never received the shelf, my check has not been cashed, I tried to e-mail them with no response and their telephone number has been disconnected.  Has anyone had a similar problem with them?

I will now have to shop for a different wood stand shelf.  Any suggestions for dealers who sell them?

Many thanks,
Peter Lemberg


Re: OboeStuff, LLC---?

I have been trying to order reeds from him (Robert Lemon) for over 1 1/2 years, with the same results you have had.  I hope he is OK---- but I really miss his reeds; they were excellent!

I would very much like to hear if anyone knows of his status---



Re: OboeStuff, LLC---?

I believe Brian Charles has a wood shelf on his web site.


Walter Deinzer
Amateur Oboe and English horn