Topic: Oboe/EH double case options

Hi everyone,
I purchased a ProTec Oboe/EH double case about a year and a half ago. I did much research and decided this was the best option based on opinions and and price.

WRONG! It has not held up all that well and is quite bulky and clunky when I am moving from place to place with both horns.

I would love a Wiseman double case, but am not willing to pay that much money for one. sad Would love to find one used....but they are hard to find.

Anyone  have any experience/opinion on the Sue Bohling cases? Any others? Any thoughts or opinions are welcome.


Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)


Re: Oboe/EH double case options

I love my Marcus Bonna double oboe case.  Not sure if he makes an ob/E.H. combo, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't.  It's light-weight, sturdy, and relatively inexpensive.  Plus, the instrument parts "float" with minimal contact with the case itself (less danger of bent keys).  The only downside is that it's not built well for cold weather, in my opinion (not really an issue for me here in SoCal).  Let us know what you end up with, Shawn!

Jonathan Marzluf
Owner, Marzluf Reeds
SoCal Freelancer/Educator