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I'm wondering if anyone would mind helping me with a reed problem I am having. 

I keep finding that on the reeds I've made lately the high notes are so resistant.  I'm leaving too much cane somewhere.  If the reed is generally playing well but I feel like I can't blow through high D through G (above the staff) where should I scrape?

Many thanks in advance!


Re: High Notes Stuffy

The standard way of making high notes speak is to shorten the tip.

You might also try scraping 1-2 mm BEHIND the tip, straight across the reed.

Also, a more closed reed will help the high notes come out. There are several ways to close the reed, including wiring, scraping up the sides, scraping in a 45-degree angle towards the corners of the tip.

Also remember that higher notes need a tighter embouchure, and less air, but also a more open throat, to make them sing.

Think acoustically: high notes are very short, compared to low notes. You are only playing on a few inches of tube. So you must compensate by "singing" them as beautifully as you can.

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