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Hello all,

I've been saving off buying anything that I have been wanting to get for my bassoon needs or those of my daughter who plays the oboe as I understand the number and quality of venders to be quite extensive.

Can anyone tell me from past experience or current involvement if the venders are there each day of the conference and if so, how do things work? For example, if you'd like to try a few bocals, will they allow you to take them overnight to your hotel/housing accommodations to have a time to really test them out? - perhaps if you leave a deposit or credit card info? Are their non-vender relayed individuals that can help point you in a direction for things like bocals, or reed making tools, etc., that are neutral in the purchases from specific brands or companies, but can help within my scope of ability? (That question seems like a long shot, but I thought I'd pose it anyway.)

Perhaps there is an experienced bassoon player who might be willing to work with me for a short period of time, (an hour or so) if I compensated them for it? If there is anyone who will be there that might be interested in that, please contact me. The same would be true for the oboe.

I'm currently on the a Fox, Renard 240 and am a novice beginner, just learning but enthusiastically so with a great instructor. smile

Any suggestions or information regarding the venders, their length of time present and how things "work" would be very helpful. I will be there from 8/2-8/10!
Thank you.


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Re: Conference time, vender question

Every vendor will likely have their own policies. I suspect most of them would let you take 2 or 3 bocals for a time so you can play them in a less noisy area than the vendor areas tend to be. Here is the schedule that lists the times the vendors will be open this year:

My guess is that you'll find friendly bassoonists around the vendor area, or at lunch time, or at other events, that will gladly help you make selections with no bias towards where you're buying from. We're a pretty friendly bunch, and tend to be very helpful toward more novice players.

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