Topic: Source of eccentric gouge bassoon cane

I have been displeased for quite a while now with the gouged cane I can locate from various suppliers.  It used to be fairly easy to find cane with an eccentric gouge, but now, I am not able to find anything I like.  Most of it is concentric.   for me , and others with whom I have spoken, this does not produce results desired.  I have preferred Danzi cane in recent years, over a decade, but again, gouge not to my liking.  Anyone have any good sources of the cane with this eccentric gouge.

Thanks for any information.

Re: Source of eccentric gouge bassoon cane

A quick Google search had this as a source: … er=1-4-900 .
I have bought reeds from Brian and have had nothing but good experiences.

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Re: Source of eccentric gouge bassoon cane

I personally prefer concentric gouge, but I can tell you, out of the stock at Midwest Musical Imports, there is a mix of concentric and eccentric gouges that we get from the manufacturer.

Rigotti and Medir are both eccentric to varying degrees. The Jolie isn't perfectly concentric. And I think the Pisoni is also eccentric.

Different suppliers may order their cane differently, and I don't have any provided measurements, so it's a "take a few and try" kind of situation.

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