Topic: Use of Files in the Process

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I am just curious about the types of files that people like to use.  Which materials, shapes, and cuts (00,0,2, or 4 etc) do people find useful for which parts of the reed making process? How do you care for your files?

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Re: Use of Files in the Process

For years I have used fine and coarse Grobet files sold by Christlieb Products. I also use diamond dust files sold by Dale Clark for fine finishing work. crw

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Re: Use of Files in the Process

In beveling I use a big coarse file, but that's not really what you're asking. My scraping technique uses a super cheap dollar store quality swiss triangle file (the kind that comes in a set with 5 other files you're not going to use but cost about $3 for the whole set so why the heck not?). I use it to smooth out the scrape from my knife and the rough cut of the collar. I use the file pretty much just this one time, the rest of my work is knife and sand paper.

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