Topic: Humidified storage setup for bassoon reeds

Can someone let me in a system they use to control the humidity of their reeds, or direct me to a link of a past thread relating to this topic? Thanks!



Re: Humidified storage setup for bassoon reeds

A friend posted this on his facebook page a while ago. Since the post isn't set publically I won't copy and past the whole thing, but he currently swears by using this sytem. He claims the reeds are more stable and consistent from day to day, even with changes in the weather, and that they don't need to soak for as long to get them going.

The inspiration came from this article: … orage.html

So he bought these things: … =boveda+75
and puts them with his reeds in these things: … &psc=1
He says with those bags he only needs to change a humidity pack every 4 months or so because they're better than regular freezer/ziploc bags.

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Works for me