Topic: A Message From the President

Dear IDRS friends –

It is once again that time of year. And, no, I do not mean that time of year when holiday activities rule our lives; I mean that time of year when the IDRS membership renewal notices have been mailed out awaiting your attention. It is time to renew membership and to consider who among your circle of friends might also enjoy the benefits of membership. IDRS has a large offering of exciting events and benefits to offer during 2013.

Competitions for oboe and bassoon. This year, the Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox competition is for oboe. Visit for complete information about this international competition. With a first prize of $10,000, the Gillet-Fox competition is one of the leading events for double reed players in the world. All oboists who have not reached their 31st birthday before June 28, 2013 are eligible to compete.

For bassoonists, 2013 offers the Young Artists competition. This is open to all bassoon players who have not reached their 22nd birthday by June 27, 2013. Again, please visit to see complete information.
The annual conference of IDRS will be held at the University of Redlands this summer. Redlands, CA is in Southern California within the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Their beautiful campus will be the scene of dozens of inspiring performances, master classes, and lectures not to mention the largest gathering of double reed vendors in the world. Visit to begin making your plans now.

In addition to these special events, IDRS publishes The Double Reed four times a year and offers the largest and most comprehensive web site of any instrumental society, All of these resources are available to our membership.

There are other ways to participate in IDRS. With the very real possibility that tax policies will change for the coming year, charitable contributions might no longer enjoy the tax benefit that they do today. Please consider including IDRS in your end-of-year planning to maximize your deductions.

And, of course, we cannot overlook the coming holidays. Please enjoy a little down time spent with family and friends enjoying whatever sort of holiday your tradition celebrates.

With best wishes for the season,

Martin Schuring (IDRS President for the Executive Board of IDRS)

Yoshi Ishikawa
Professor of Bassoon, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music
Editor, IDRS OnLine Publications

Re: A Message From the President