Topic: Buying a Baroque Oboe -- where to start?

hello all,
I am considering venturing into the Baroque Oboe world. Where do I start? :-)

What kind to I buy? Are there any websites to purchase? I don't even know where to start. I don't want to go too expensive, but not a cheap knockoff either.


ps. did anyone see the Baroque Da Caccia on Ebay? :-) oooohhhhh!

Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)


Re: Buying a Baroque Oboe -- where to start?

Hi Shawn.

One of the best baroque oboists in the business (IMHO) is one of the moderators on this list.
Hopefully Gonzalo Ruiz will see your inquiry and be able to get back to you.   If not, I would suggest
you try emailing him directly with your questions.

Best wishes.

Stuart Horn


Re: Buying a Baroque Oboe -- where to start?

This is the #1 question I get asked and I should have what in the business world is called the "elevator pitch": you're in an elevator and "Mr. Big" gets on. You have until the 11th floor to strike up some small talk and make your case and make an impression. I don't have it yet...

I have yet to see somebody learn to play baroque oboe (to the point where somebody else wants to listen to it) without help from somebody who is at that level. So what I usually advise is to figure out who's playing you like. Presumably there's at least one person who fits the bill or you wouldn't want to do it yourself... Get the oboe that person plays and get some lessons and copy their reeds. Then you can experiment and make your mark with your unique take on it. This is desperately hard to do on the modern oboe, but still possible on the 2 key. Because there is not the same kind of infrastructure (youth orchetras, competitions, community orchetras, etc.) on period instruments as there is on mods, I especially recommend workshops, where you can immerse yourself for a week or two. I'm teaching one at the Longy School in Cambridge Mass in mid July, and usually teach at Oberlin's BPI, but not this year, alas... There are other in the US and Europe. It's much much harder to do it on your own...