Topic: Singing the praises of Georg Rieger

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for the shaper tips and handles of Georg Rieger--rugged, beautifully made and reasonably priced.

Even better, they are able to do custom shapes quickly and very reasonably--provided, of course, that you can furnish an accurate sketch, preferably in CAD. So far I've had them make a custom shaper tip for baroque bassoon (for my Scherer) and baroque oboe (for my Eichentopf).

Rieger was able to produce the oboe tip for around 100 USD, including shipping. Compare that with an American-made baroque oboe shaper tip (I won't mention the name) that sells for almost 270 USD!

Christopher Brodersen
Maker of Historical Keyboard Instruments
Reviewer/contributor - Fanfare Magazine
Amateur bassoonist, baroque oboist, baroque bassoonist