Topic: Putting Bassoon Reeds Under the Sun - Good Idea?

I know it is a no-no to put a bassoon or oboe under the sun.  How about bassoon reeds?  I just found a tiny moving creature in my reed case, and am putting my reed case under the sun to kill anything that might be there.  Is it a good idea to put my bassoon reeds under the sun as well?

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Re: Putting Bassoon Reeds Under the Sun - Good Idea?

It's how they dry the raw cane at the plantation. Probably can't hurt it too much.

Heck, I've been putting my cane (not finished reeds) in a food dehydrator to dry it more rapidly, at least to get it started.

I'm not sure that just sunning your case will kill any moving critters though.

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Re: Putting Bassoon Reeds Under the Sun - Good Idea?

You could try Clorexhidina I suppose, I have heard of people using that. I think that should kill anything and it's for oral higiene. Not sure if it's bad for the reeds though. I have always wondered if there was some sort of herbal tea ( non toxic), that could extend reed life and stabilize cane. I think the little bugaboos would just hide in the tube from the sun. Try an alcohol swab on the box.

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