Topic: 18th and 19th Century Russian Bassoon Works?

Hello everyone. I'm wondering if off-hand anyone knows any 18th and/or 19th century Russian works for bassoon. Preferably with piano/harpsichord, but solo or small chamber works would be interesting, too. I am hoping to do a Russian recital and am trying to see how much of a time span I can represent. I don't expect to find much in this time frame, but I can't imagine there was only the Glinka trio and then no bassoon music for 70 years...I am working my way slowly through the Bassoon Bibliography, but was wondering if anyone had off-hand knowledge to speed up my search.


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Re: 18th and 19th Century Russian Bassoon Works?

I sent your question to two bassoon friends in Russia....i'll let you know  what they say.....

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Re: 18th and 19th Century Russian Bassoon Works?

Joshua, On Google, look up "Russian Bassoon Music" to see if it brings up any articles, lists, dissertations. I suspect there are many out there.

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Re: 18th and 19th Century Russian Bassoon Works?

Alright, here's an update on everything I found in the Bassoon Bibliography.

Alyabyev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1787-1851), Quintet {fragment, only first movement known}, ww5, [18??]

Bortnyanskiy,  Dmitriy Stepanovich (1751-1825), Sinfonia Concertante in B-Flat Major, bn/pf/(hp)2vl/vladg/vc [1790]

Bullant, Antoine (1750-1821), bassoon concerto [stated lost sad ]

Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857), Septet ob/bn/hr/2vl/vc/db [1823]
Serenata sopra alcuni motivi dell' opera "Anna Bolena" bn/hr/pf/hp/va/vc/db [1832]

Grechaninov, Aleksandr Tikhonovich (1864-1956), Septet cl/bn/st5 [1948, but in typical late-Romantic style]

Ippolitov-Ivanov, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1859-1935), Evening in Georgia fl/ob/cl/bn/pf [probably 1930s, but late-Romantic style]

Juon, Paul (1872-1940), Divertimento in F, ww5/pf [1913, late-romantic style]

Lysenko, Nikolai Vitalievich (1842-1912), Serenade & Albumblatt, bn/pn [date unknown, probably 19th century]

Rubinstein, Anton Grigoryevich (1829-1894), Quintet, Op. 55, fl/cl/bn/hr/pf [1860]

Taneyev, Sergei Ivanovich (1856-1915), Andate, Double Wind Quintet? [date unknown, probably 19th century]

That's everything. I'd be really interested in the Lysenko piece since it is the only one with bassoon and piano. Delmar, thanks for your help and please let me know what they say. The Russian pedagogical practice usually involved a lot of folk music, so I suspect in methods and schools there were many pieces for bassoon written on themes, but my guess is they are at a lower level than I'm looking for. Still, interested to see what someone might know. Chris, I'll have to give that a shot. I haven't done so yet.

Thanks everyone! Let's see what else we can find.