Topic: Oboe Reed Making Class at IDRS 2005 Conference

They reed class will be geared towards those who feel that they might need some help with their reeds. It is not intended to teach new things to master reed makers. Mr. Ryun's plan for topics cover is as follows:

1. Cane selection, gouge & shape.
2. Tubes, mandrels, wrapping & ear removal
3. Knife sharpening and when is it time to get a new knife
3. Preliminary scrape and initial clip
4. A 3 stage process for forming the tip
5. The crow and what it tells you about the balance between tip,
plateau & back
6. Managing the reed "bullpen" and knowing when it's time to retire the
old timers and look for new talent

This would be a " at the chalkboard" class, not so much a hands-on reedmaking session. It's fine with Mr. Ryun for attendees to bring their lunch or a snack, but I have not yet determined whether the University will allow this.

I am told that the room which we have reserved for the class will comfortably hold about 15 people. With this limited capacity, I would ask that at the present time, only oboists who feel they would probably benefit from the class sign up. I would ask that masters of reedmaking and persons with only a passing interest in oboe reedmaking abstain from signing up at the present time. If space allows, we may have a few places to open up to those persons who would be attending more from curiosity.

If you are interested in attending, you need to email me privately at ASAP. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis.


David Crispin

David Crispin
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