Topic: Itinerant Teachers in Christchurch New Zealand

Here is a summary of comments from School Heads of Music Departments responding to a survey of small-group tuition in High Schools

Question: What contributions do Itinerant Teachers of Music (alias peripatetic) make to your school music programmes or activities?

• A massive contribution to teaching and ensemble activities, Junior Strings, Senior Concert Band, Bel Canto, Male Voice Chorus, Junior Performance Choir, Percussion Ensemble & Orchestral sectional rehearsal
• Massive! - extra concerts, prize giving orchestra, Festival Preparation
• 2 concerts, demonstrations performances, choir performances
• Coach Barbershop, Direct the two choirs, accompany student performances, come on trips to festivals, perform in school groups, provide advice on assessment, help maintain instruments
• Concert band, Jazz band, Chorale, Flute ensemble, Guitar ensemble, Percussion ensemble, String ensemble, help assess NCEA performances
• We couldn’t do it without them.  We need more!! More Hours!! More Teachers!!
• Choir, ensemble, clarinet group, saxophone group, brass ensemble, string group
• Teach wide range of instruments that we cant, Chamber Groups, ensemble groups, jazz band, help professional development…
• Contribute to professional expertise in their respective instruments.  The support given to the music dept. and students is invaluable.  To follow through from lessons to groups makes for a cohesive conclusion to the lessons.
• A lot. Conduct choir, accompany choir, have taken band, drive buses, tells bad jokes!
• ITMs are integral part of our music programme.  It would in fact cease to exist in its current format if we didn’t have them.

How does this correlate with other education systems around the world?


Neville Forsythe
Christchurch New Zealand
Bassoonist / Teacher / Conductor