Topic: Oboe Reed research project, please respond!


A colleague and I are currently working on a project of reed making techniques and setups. I would appreciate any info you can provide.  Could you please provide answers to the following questions?

What are your dimesions for your current reed setups.
Including: type of cane, shape, gouge diameter, type of staple used, length of a blank, length of finished reed, the length and diamater of the tip, heart and back. (Ex. The heart is 5mm in lenth at .40)

Do you use of half moon for the tip or the is it more V-shape.
Explain why you use this setup,(ex altitute, humidity conditions etc.)

Finally what are you musicial endeavors? Are you an Amateur, Undergrad-Student, Grad student, or Professional.
If a Professional state what is your role as an oboist. 

Also, If you can supply any silhouette pictures, diagrams, outlines etc., that would be greatful and helpful too. If you want to remain private, I of course will repect your privacy, you can PM me as well.

Thank you for your answers!  I looking forward to see the replies.
Thank you so much for your help!