Topic: Musty odor in plastic Linton bassoon

Hello IDRS list members, Would anyone know how to get rid of a musty odor in a plastic Linton bassoon?  It seems to be in the plastic as well as the pads. The previous owner must not have cleaned it regularly. Thanks in advance for your advice!


Re: Musty odor in plastic Linton bassoon

No alcohol! ABS plastic reacts and melts with alcohol, careful of other solvents for the same reason. I guess, soap and water, don't get the pads wet. You need to remove the keys and not get the pads wet and not rub them, maybe see if cleaning the body helps the smell. Avoid getting the springs or pivots too wet, they will oxidize if you don't dry them. Good luck!

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Re: Musty odor in plastic Linton bassoon

Don't forget about cleaning the case as well. Find a deodorizing cat litter, sprinkle a bunch in the case, close case, leave for 24 hours. Vacuum the case clean and have a summer breeze fresh smelling case (better than the must)

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