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Hello everyone,  I am posting this for my friend and percussionist, Mike Varner.  I premiered this piece with him and played it a few times over the course of two years.  It is very interesting, challenging and great for audiences.  Feel free to reach out to Mike if you'd like to consider programming it:

“Yoruba Rhapsody”Ile-Ife
For Bassoon, Percussionist, and four Percussion accompanists
By Michael Varner
As Performed on CD  “reVelations:  New Music for Percussion and Ensembles”

Bassoon Performers: I have composed a very unique work for Bassoon and Percussion.  While on research in Nigeria  I had the opportunity to experience music  of the Yoruba People.   I decided to compose a work  to share  the incredible musical experience of Africa.  Much of Yoruba music is “parables”  that are “spoken” by the “Dun-Dun” or Talking drum.   The performers can literally “speak” mimicking the pitches and rhythms of language.”   The drums are often played by a “family” of musicians young and old.  In my composition “Yoruba Rhapsody” the bassoon represents the elder member of the family who’s low full voice tells the proverb.  The Solo Percussionist represents the father responding to the words of the elder.   The four Percussion players represent the young  generation of the family, playing repetitive parts.   All the patterns played by the accompanying percussionists are authentic to the Yoruba Proverbs as are the instruments some of which are sometimes difficult to acquire.   I include suggested instrument substitutions that keep the spirit of the piece.   Recorded on my CD "reVelations." Recordings and excerpts can be found at: … dings.html       Contact me if you would like to perform. It will bring a very unique direction to your next recital!

Scott Pool

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