Topic: Oboist Fujiaki Miyamoto's last concert

Fumiaki Miyamoto, former principal oboe of Cologne Radio Sympony, anounced in 2006 that he will stop his career as a player at the end of March,2007 and  really made his final concert in Tokyo on Saturday, March 31.

A son of the famous tenor singer, Tadashi Miyamoto was born in in 1949, and started oboe study with Seizo Suzuki at the Toho High school (attched to Toho College of Music).
In 1968, at the age oaf 18, he left Japan and went to Europe (via Siberian Railway) and studied in Detmold, Germany with Helmut Winschemann.
His professional career includes Deutsche Bach-Solisten (German Bach Soloists), Essen Opera Theater, Frankfurt Radio Symphony (under Eliahu Inbal ) and Cologne Radio Symphony (under Gary Bertini).
He is also active in pop-jazz field and released many CD's of such kind. 

The program of his last concert at Toppan Hall, Tokyo shows;
Donizetti: Sonata
Mozart: Sonata (after violin sonata K.376) - 1st mov.
Beethoven: Sonata (after horn sonata) - 1st mov.
Saint-Saens: Sonata - complete
Schumann: Romances and "Adagio and Allegro"
Three Japanese pop tunes (TV and movie themes written for him)
The last piece was his own composition (oboe and guitar) "Aim and End" 
..... His last note was a long, long fermata on the  middle D......

After embracing with Seiji Ozawa, he left the stage and went into his new career as a conducor, producer, and an entrepreneur in music business.
The professorship at  the Tokyo College of Music will be continued;  New students are welcome!   

His own message can be read at
(Japanese only)

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