Topic: 2 Heckel bassoons for sale - AVAILABLE AT IDRS

I will have two Heckel bassoons for sale at IDRS next week. 11,3XX and 62XX.


This is my personal instrument which I have used professionally for five years. Standard keywork up to High E, standard 4 pinky rollers. Superb condition cosmetically and plays with a very beautiful sound. Comes with a Heckel GEWA rectangular case with leatherette case cover and a perfectly matched Heckel CD1 goldbrass bocal. Asking $41,000.


This bassoon belongs to a colleague of mine. Standard keywork up to High Eb, no rollers, so original pinky keys. Sterling silver tubes have been put in at some point, but other than that the instrument is in original condition with standard wear as expected of a 90 year old instrument. Very beautiful and typical playing characteristics of the 6000 series. Comes with a Fox hardcase and silver plated postwar Heckel C1 and C2 bocals. My colleague is asking $24,000.

Both instruments will be available to try at IDRS. Please contact me at joshualuty at gmail dot com for further questions about the instruments.