Topic: King Marigaux oboe for sale. Fabulous condition.

King Marigaux oboe for sale within the next few days. This is an older, full conservatory, all wood oboe with 3rd octave key. It's a VERY nice playing instrument with an excellent scale and a beautiful, dark, focused sound. It's undergoing a spruce-up right now and will be in tip-top condition when that's done. In Fox case in excellent condition. The price will be $2,500 and I think you'd be VERY lucky to find a better oboe for the price. Payment in full plus shipping via PayPal or USPS money order due before it's shipped. Four day trial with return privilege. Shipping will be $62 to USA addresses as it will be double boxed and fully insured. Shipping not refundable. Shipping to international addresses will be higher. No return privilege on international shipments Email me at Thanks for looking.

I am well known in the international oboe community for my previous business, Crispin's Creations, and my present business, Crispin's High Yield Cane.

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